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did not receive

the parcel never arrived, there was no tracking number nothing. i tried to call but they wont answer.

Chelsea Boots In Black
David Castillo

I love it

I love the boots high quality.

Best Boots

I will be buying all the other colors once I get the chance to. These boots are high end and I always get compliments on them wherever I go.

Great quality boots

Love my new pair. You can just tell the build quailty on them, will be taking good care of them and getting a few more soon.


Been getting a bunch of compliments on my new pair. quality is there and comfort feels great.

Amazing Quality

Arrived faster then I thought, most importantly the boots look great. Will be getting a couple more pairs soon!

Good boots

You can immediately see how great the boots are when you open the box.


Excellent quality and the overall packaging is out of this world. Hands down best boots I own.

The quality

These boots hold up against top dollar brands. Im serioulsy impressed by the craftsmanship, leather and small details that are immediatley recognized just by pulling them out of the box. Also the packging is extremly elegant, you feel like you are pulling out a $1000 pair.

Boyfriend loves his boots

My boyfriend loves his new boots! He always brags about the quality of the boots. I gave them to him as a gift for his birthday and is getting them in the other colors now.

Love them

Most comfortable boots I have ever worn, customer service helped me out with a exchange. First pair I ordered was a little to small. Returned them for a bigger size. Was really fast with the exchange.

Great style

The feel of these boots is amazing, you can feel the quality just by holding them in your hands. Leather is super soft.

Comfortable, Fits perfect.

Favorite boots, they are very comfortable, goes with everything!

Great boots

Everything is there, fit, comfort and looks. Best boots I own.


Super comfortable right out of the box, love the look as well.


Had to get my self another pair, the amazing leather smell just shows how a boot should be made.

Favorite boots

Hands down best boots I own. I have a big collection of boots, by far stand out from my collection and I own some expensive boots.

My favorite boots

These boots are very well made and very comfortable I’m looking to get other pairs soon! I Love the boots!

First pair

My first pair of ponce boots, they are equal to or might even be better than my boots that range from 500+. I give them props for the craftsmanship.